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John Shoff is currently attending Lambda School learning the latest in web development technology.

Custom Dynamic React Portfolio Template GitHub Link

A small side project W.I.P(work in progress) that allows a user to have a portfolio website that can automatically update their projects listed based on their tagged repos on github. This project is a great way to have a dynamically maintained portfolio without having to frequently update it manually.

Nasa Astronomy Photo of the Day - Lambda School Project

When learning about axios and fetching data using the NASA api I created this basic application that displays the picture of the day but also allows you to check the picture for other dates.

Fun GitHub Follower Tracker

Fun little project practicing react with axios in order to display information to a user based on their search request. There is a fun little surprise hidden in this application.


John is an experienced quality assurance tester and programmer who has experience as a quality assurance tester and quality assurance lead for multiple game studios. He also has experience as a programmer working on small applications. Presently learning the latest web development technologies at Lambda School.


Experience using the latest semantic markup and best practices.


Experience using the latest css styling and best practices.


Experience using strict javascript ES6 syntax.

Responsive Design

Experience with responsive design for the best viewing experience on any device.

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